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Difference between Eggshell Paint and Flat Paint

You have several choices of paint when you are planning to decorate a room in your house such as flat, satin, semi-gloss, high gloss, and eggshell. Both flat and eggshell finishes have a very low sheen as compared to gloss paints, but each has own set of advantages over the other. Wondering what the difference […]

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Painting Over Ceramic Tile

Ceramic is one of the hardest to paint surfaces known to man. The surface is simply too slippery for the paint to adhere to the slick, shiny surface of tile properly. You can paint your tile and create a durable surface with a little bit of extra preparation that is much more visually appealing than […]

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Difference between Oil Paint & Latex Paint

You are probably aware of the fact that there are two different kinds of paint even if you have only a passing familiarity with paint. These two kinds are oil-based paint and water-based paint, also known as latex or acrylic-based paint. Now if you are wondering how to decide between latex vs. oil paint exterior […]

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When is the Right Time to Paint Your Home?

There are a couple of factors that can help you determine if it’s the right time to paint your home. Often people think that all kinds of paints at least have the durability to last a couple of years on your walls in good condition. In reality, there are a couple of things to take […]

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How to make your Paint last longer?

1. Fix indoor moisture problems Start by repairing roof leaks and soggy basements and make sure the vents of kitchen and bath are to the outside. Moisture can enter a home as a liquid, but it leaves in a vapour form that lifts exterior paint along with it when it exits the wall outside poorly […]

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Easy Tips for Choosing Your Exterior Paint Palette

1. Plan around the elements that are hardest to change. Surfaces such as roof shingles or tiles, stonework, pathways and driveways will remain in place unless you are doing a complete renovation. Look for undertones between the colours that might form your exterior colour palette and see if they are a warm tone (beige, khaki, brown […]

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Choosing the Right Colours for Painting Home Interior

If you are looking for the best colours for your interior, you have to take note of the different areas, spaces, and rooms you are going to paint and their different functionalities. The choice of colour for an interior is more of a personal preference but still there are a number of standardised factors that you […]

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How To Choose Your Paint Colour?

Having a room or your entire house painted completely transforms the space. It can freshen up a room and give it an entirely different look. However, with so many colours available, it can be tricky picking the right one. Pro Painters will provide a quality finish whether you require painting inside or outside. Here’s how […]

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Benefits of working with professional painters in Sydney

Whether painting your home, commercial building or industrial building, it is always important to work with the professionals. Painting is no easy job and needs a lot of expertise as well as skill to do it well. Professional painters may not be easy to come by, but regardless it is always advisable to work with […]

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How to Choose the Perfect Painting for Your House in Sydney?

Are you building a new house? Do you have an idea on what kind of colour theme you will paint on your house? Choosing the perfect painting for your new home can be challenging. Buying or building a new home is everyone’s dream. If you are the proud owner, you must be thinking of what […]

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