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How Much Should You Pay For a Reliable Painter in Sydney

You should opt for reasonable over cheap when looking for a reputable painter in Sydney. As the good ones are in high demand you shouldn’t expect to pay reduced rates. However, the price should be fair resulting in a high quality finish. Pro Painters Sydney are a team of professional painters that will do an excellent job from preparing the surface to a great finish that will last for many years. Here’s how much you should pay for a reliable painter in Sydney.

Use a Skilled Painter

You may think about doing the job yourself, however, it’s highly likely it won’t be as good as a reputable painter. Painters receive training to teach them the right methods and what tools to use. They have the best tools for the job which will cost you to purchase then you have to store them until you decide to use them again. They know how to prepare the surface and what paints to use and where. It will take a fraction of the time it takes you. You should pay a reasonable sum to get an excellent finish from a professional painter. Plus it can be risky climbing up ladders if it’s not something you are used to. They will carry out the work in a safe manner freeing up your time for other things.

Go for Quality

Quality should be factored in when looking at quotes. There may be an unbeatable price but if their work is substandard then you will have to spend more money to fix it. If you can, check their previous work to ensure you are happy with the finish. Prior customers may be able to provide references. Pro Painters Sydney are well known in the area for their focus on quality.

Obtain Written Quotes

When getting Quotes from painters ensure these are written down. They are fixed prices unless you make any changes. When considering quotes make sure everything is included such as GST as you don’t want any unexpected costs. If you are ready to accept the quote both you and the painter need to sign it. Never agree to pay for the job in full before the work is completed. You could be asked for a deposit and instalments at different stages. Have a paper trail either by bank transfer or cheque so there can be no disagreements over payments. Any changes should be written down with an agreed upon price.

Don’t Compromise

If a particular colour and paint type have been agreed upon don’t accept anything else. A painter may have cheaper alternatives; however, it won’t look as good or last as long. Their quote will stipulate what products you both agreed upon. Don’t feel you have to compromise. You want your paint job to last so don’t be persuaded to make any substitutions.

When looking at how much you should pay for a reliable painter in Sydney consider their skills. Prioritise quality and get a few different quotes. Everything should be written down to prevent any confusion. For top quality Painters in Sydney get in contact with Pro Painters Sydney.


With his professional manner and excellent workmanship I have no hesitation in providing Propainters Sydney with my recommendation to all. My house looks brand new.

Renee Hawke

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