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How To Choose Your Paint Colour?

Having a room or your entire house painted completely transforms the space. It can freshen up a room and give it an entirely different look. However, with so many colours available, it can be tricky picking the right one. Pro Painters will provide a quality finish whether you require painting inside or outside. Here’s how to choose your Paint Colour in Sydney.

 Opt for a Paint Colour that Compliments Your Home

 Work with light that enters your room. If there is plenty of natural light, then you can be bold and experiment with darker colours. If the zone is dark, then you will need to choose colours to have a brightening effect. Many make the mistake of thinking white is the solution. However, if there is a lack of natural light white walls can cause the room to seem even duller.

Picture what it will look like in your home. If you take a paint chip home, you won’t give you the full effect. Purchase a tester and try it out on the wall to get an idea of what look it’s going to achieve. Don’t rush in and get the whole house painted and see what it looks like over a couple of days. If there is a bright Paint Colour that you love, take into consideration the space that you are decorating. If it’s a small area, it can make it feel overcrowded. Instead, introduce pops of colour through room accents such as cushions or throws.

 Use Existing Elements to Help Determine Your Ideal Paint Colour

 Don’t focus too much on staying on trend. There are some great colours; however, choose one that you are happy to stick with for the next few years. Explore apps or computer programs that allow you to upload photos of your room and apply different colours to help you decide.

Take along fabric samples from the room and see which colours work well. If you are unprepared, you may remember colours differently. However, don’t feel you have to match up with your furniture. If you are looking at using the same Paint Colour as other items, opt for a shade darker or lighter to compliment the room.

When it comes to choosing a Paint Colour, there are a few things to consider. Picture how it will work with the natural light by painting a test area and using technology to give you an indication. Avoid trends and try something that you will love for years to come. Ensure the Paint Colour compliments existing items and take along swatches. For assistance choosing your paints as well as professional application, contact Pro Painters in Sydney.



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