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When is the Right Time to Paint Your Home?

There are a couple of factors that can help you determine if it’s the right time to paint your home. Often people think that all kinds of paints at least have the durability to last a couple of years on your walls in good condition. In reality, there are a couple of things to take into account when deciding whether it is the right time to paint your home or not.

Below are some of the main factors that should be taken into account:

Paint Busy Areas More Regularly

There are some areas in the house where the paint dirties up rather more quickly than compared to other areas in the house. For example, the kitchen area or the corridor or walls along the stairways are such areas that require regular re-painting. This is because of the regular wearing off of the paint in such areas.

The walls in such areas are often stained, covered with fingerprints or might have dents because something was knocked into it. It is imperative to know that painting these areas regularly; even if you just give minor touch-ups can prolong the time required between complete repainting.

In a similar way, children’s bedrooms are more prone to requiring touch-ups and single coat repaints to keep the paint in better condition, while adults bedroom don’t have to be repainted that often.

That being said, busier areas are usually painted every 2 years or so. Washable paint will help in increasing durability of the paint too.

Some Rooms Demand Less Frequent Painting

Rooms like the drawing room, dining room, main lounge and other rooms with furniture are the areas that require less often to be repainted. Even though these areas are busy with people coming and going all the time, the walls are not touched as often. Part of the reason is that these rooms are mostly occupied by adults or at the time when certain activities are to be done, like eating, watching TV or resting on the couch.

Areas that are covered with furniture also create a gap between people in that room and the walls, because they’re usually lined up against them. Other areas like an adult’s bedroom and attic doesn’t require paint jobs for a couple of years time. On average, most customers we have worked for tend to wait at least 5 years before getting a complete paint job for such rooms and areas.

With a good paint job done by professionals and using high-quality paints (using washable where required) can also prolong your paint’s life in the long run. For quality painting in Sydney, call 0403 360 662


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