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5 Tips To Increase Property Value & Rental Income In Sydney

ATTENTION all property investors or homeowners who are willing to sell your house for a higher price
Whether you’re looking to sell a property or are looking to increase the rental income of your investment property, here are 5 simple, quick and cost-effective tips to help you do just that. From hiring Residential Painters Sydney to giving your kitchen a makeover, there are many things you can do to improve your property’s look and feel.

House Painter
House Painter

Things You Can Do to Increase Property Value & Rental Income

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your property more attractive to prospective buyers/renters. Here are some simple, tried and tested ways to increase property value/appeal.

  • Fresh Coat of Paint

The easiest way to brighten up a place and make it look new is by having it painted. Hire reputable Residential Painters Sydney and see your property transform from dull and boring to fresh and inviting.

  • Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important factors in determining your property’s value. An updated kitchen will help you fetch a higher price for your property. Just by updating the appliances, changing the splash back tiles and updating the cabinets if needed (if they look dated) you can make your kitchen look a hundred times better.

  • Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

Apart from the kitchen, another important area that buyers and renters give priority to is the bathroom. So, give your bathroom a makeover. If the tiles are old, cracked or just looking unappealing, replace them. You can also instantly glam up a bathroom with the right lighting, vanity and a new toilet.

  • Replace Old Carpet

Carpets get frayed and stained overtime, so if the carpet looks a little too worn out, it can make the property look unkempt and make a bad impression on potential renters or buyers. If completing replacing the carpet is simply not in your budget, then consider replacing the carpet in high traffic areas at least (such as the living room and staircase).

  • Increase Storage Space

Storage is a much sought-after commodity. Both buyers and renters value storage space. So, whether it’s a studio apartment, a 2-bedroom unit or a 4-bedroom house if you can find clever ways to increase storage space (shelves under the staircase or a pantry fit into a nook) that will work in your favour.

All of the above-mentioned tips are great for increasing property price and rental income. But, if you have to pick 3 of the best options from the list, it will have to be painting your house, updating the kitchen and replacing old carpet. If you’re looking to spruce up your property with a fresh coat of paint, hire the Best Painters in Sydney. Call Pro Painters Sydney for Residential, Commercial or Industrial Painting at 0403 360 662.


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