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Cost-effective painting solutions to renew your home

It is common to see old houses lose their shine and become dull. Not to mention, home owners also become bored of the interior they used to love. What better way than to hire experts from Pro Painters Sydney to re-paint your house?

Now, of course, repainting a whole house, indoors and out, can be very costly. Most of the times, people cannot afford such a big splurge. Well, we are here to present you with an alternative. Simply have one room repainted. You would be surprised to see what a change it brings. Let us list down some examples of how you can spruce up your interior in budget!

Consider Having A Feature Wall

A feature wall usually has contrasting tones with the rest of the room and colour scheme. You can also use other decorative methods to set your feature wall apart. We recommend you choose a bold, eye-catching colour that immediately draws the eyes towards it. To add more emphasis to it, try placing furniture strategically around it.

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Can’t Repaint A Room? Repaint The Door!

If you cannot even find any space to have a room re-painted, a bright-looking door can spice things up. Again, consider choosing a bright colour so as to make it stand out. Of course, keep in mind that it goes with the style of your house too. Pro Painters Sydney can help you choose a colour of your liking that matches with the overall vibe.

Painting The Floors

Now house painters don’t just work on walls, they can paint the floor for you, as well. Hardwood floors that are repainted give off a nice, new feel. Do your research with an experienced team member of Pro Painters Sydney to choose a colour that works best. Some safe colours are brown and shades of white.

Last But Not Least, The Ceiling

Now with ceilings, you do not want to paint them any bold, funky colours. Or you can, it’s up to you. We can only make a judgement call after seeing your house interior in person. If you are all out of other options, you can always have the ceiling repainted to give a nice, new feel to your room.

Pro Painters Sydney would be happy to work with any residential as well as Commercial Painting projects you might be considering. Call us at 0403 360 662.


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Renee Hawke

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Leanne Thomson
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