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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A 3-Bedroom House Interior In Sydney?

On average, painting a 3-bedroom Home will set you back by around $3750 and $5250. This depends on the quality of the materials used and the reputation of the Painter you hire to do your Paint Job for you, of course.

Professional Painters like Pro Painters Sydney will always seek to deliver a quality paint job

Given our experience, we’d naturally recommend you employ the skills we’ve developed in the 10 years we’ve been Painting Homes and Offices in Sydney.


But why take our word for it when you can take our clients?

What Renee Hawke says about our Residential Painting Services –

With their professional manner and excellent workmanship, I have no hesitation in providing Pro Painters Sydney with a recommendation. My House looks brand new – better than even when I bought it.”


Attention to detail is what a quality paint job is all about

When you’ve been painting the Interiors of residences and offices for as long as we have in Sydney, you intuitively understand your clients and what they’re trying to create.

A home or office atmosphere or environment that will be conducive to their dreams – doing whatever it takes to achieve them.

Whether we are painting a Home or an Office, we never forget what both harbour within them – someone’s DREAMs. We see our purpose as being to creatively bring them to life.


How much does it cost to paint a 3-bedroom house

Professional painters in Sydney take their jobs seriously

They never take a paint job for granted because they realise what they’ve been placed in charge off. Someone’s dream.

At Pro Painters Sydney, we fully realise how key painting services are to the Harmony of a Home, so we never compromise on the quality of materials or personnel we use to execute the job.


We’d rather do fewer paint jobs and execute them a high-quality manner than do many paint jobs and have the quality of our work suffer.


Would you like us to give your Home a fresh lick of paint?

Then get in touch with us!  We’ll give your Home such a good look, you’ll never want to leave it. Ever.

For a No-Obligation Paint Inspection and Painting Quote, please call us on 0403 360 662. Alternatively, fill in the Enquiry Form provided and hit that SUBMIT button.


With his professional manner and excellent workmanship I have no hesitation in providing Propainters Sydney with my recommendation to all. My house looks brand new.

Renee Hawke

I was fortunate to obtain the service of Propainters Sydney. The work was very professional, his honesty is unquestioned, and the quote was very reasonable. I would be pleased to recommend Propainters Sydney, to all who is seeking painting services.

Leanne Thomson
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