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The Personalities of Colours

Colours Affect Our Mood

Every colour seems to have a distinctive personality that changes or induces us with a particular state of mind or mood. Various colours seem to set us in the mood and they all affect us differently!

This individuality of the colours is used in various ways by various professions. By painters, it is simply used to make sure that you choose the right colour to paint the rooms in your homes.

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Picking the right colours

In order to choose the right colour for a room, first it must be determined what the room’s purpose in the house shall be. Will it be a living room where you will be having a lot of guests or will it be a bedroom where you will go to only to rest after a long day?
After this has been determined, you can move on to the next step and try and figure out the colour of the room.

The colour Red with its intensity is said to cause an increase in the blood pressure and create the sense of excitement. So if you want a lively living room, with loads of guests and parties, red is the answer you’re looking for.

Blue has the opposite effect of red on you. It lowers down the blood pressure and creates a calming effect instead. Usually, bedrooms and bathrooms are painted with this colour because of its relaxing effects on the body.

Green is said to be the colour that is most relaxing to the eye. Reminding you of greenery and nature, it stimulates the feelings of unity making it a nice choice for any room at all.

Purple like red, gives the room a sense of excitement. It tends to give the room painted with this colour a touch of drama and luxury. Grey makes rooms look very sophisticated and fancy. With the right kind of colour schemes, grey can do wonders in your living rooms.

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